The 1F attitude is characterized by a self-positive (Fs+), others-negative (Fo-) disposition. This disposition creates an attitude that is acutely aware of its own strengths within the realm of physics. 1Fs understand their own power within this aspect and generally want to protect it at all costs. All incoming physical information from others must be pushed through the 1F’s subjective interpretation before it is accepted. The strategies that each 1F employs may differ in behavior or execution but the core attitude of subjective protection over what they believe is their greatest asset will be consistent and true for all 1Fs. Below are some common beliefs and behaviors that you may see with 1Fs. Please keep in mind that these are generalities and do not represent the vast sub-archetypes held within the overall 1F attitude.


Certain • Sufficient • Strong • Aggressive • Subjective • Vulnerable • Flippant • Local • Distinct


• Have an innate confidence of where they want to place objects in their environment.
• Confident in their use of money and evaluating an object’s worth.
• Trust their own judgment in determining what is comfortable.
• Quickly figure out what is wrong when health problems arise.
• Change up their style freely without constraint.
• Are able to organize and complete practical tasks without much toil or mental effort.

Sole Organizer Role

• Offer food and items without inquiring too much into others’ tastes.
• Give detailed stories of practical on goings in their lives and how it could apply to others when necessary.
• Believe they are sufficient in developing practical skills to deal with life’s daily hiccups.
• Pay close attention to preferred textures, flavors and cuisines.
• Can re-imagine any space according to whatever interests or aesthetic preferences they have at the time.
• Will single handedly conjure up examples and ideas of how a space or arrangement can be changed.

Blind Spot

• May come off as greedy, selfish or spoiled due to getting what they want, whenever they want and seem to be okay with their own selfishness.
• Will engage in leisurely activities regardless of how acceptable they are to others tastes.
• Prefer to follow their own sense of what they find valuable rather than deferring to mainstream fashion or public opinion of worth.
• Are unwilling to compromise their own living style according to others needs.
• Can be extremely picky about what they believe looks and feels the best.

Vulnerability Triggers

• Injury, paralysis, or loss of body parts
• Being confined with lack of resources and movement
• Physical violence without a means of defense or retaliation
• Losing the ability to process the senses
• Being incapable of enjoying reality