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Who are we? Rob and Phae are two typology enthusiasts who have been working together since 2019. We both aim to get to the truth of the matter within the human personality and come at it from a scientific perspective. Our goal is to maximize accuracy in typing others while providing useful feedback to personality enthusiasts and self-help seekers alike.

Why do we type as a team? We believe that getting rid of bias is the top priority in accurately typing others. Including other perspectives is important as this illuminates blind spots that the personality naturally hides. For this reason, we chose to team up to offer as many checks and balances as possible in the typing process.

How do we work together? Both of us fully watch your typing submission separately until we have formed an opinion on your type. This generally takes 1-2 watch throughs but we aim for 3. Once we are solid on our own opinions, we come together for a final watch through where we share our thoughts and figure out where we agree. Finally, we hammer out your likely type and deliver your results and certificate back to you. As easy as that sounds, yes, we often disagree. When this happens we continue arguing and discussing our opinions until we arrive to the very kernel of truth that underlies our opinions. We may take up to 4 weeks after your submission date to fully flesh out our disagreements, which can include contacting the client for further information.

Why do we only accept videos and not face-to-face typing sessions? Rob has done typing sessions for many years and found that the highest accuracy in typing others comes from providing clients the freedom to express their attitudes however they decide to in video format. The social pressure of being in a highly charged intimate dynamic often keeps people stuck in their subtypes. The relational element limits both clients and typists to only react from their attitude and ego type rather than being afforded the ability to detach from the emotions of interpersonal communication. When we can step back from our own reactions, then we can truly analyze what someone is doing in the context of their type. This also leaves time for the typing team to dig into the attitudes and ego structure the client has offered up in their video.

Why should you get typed? Your native attitudes and ego strategy hide from you while influencing the entirety of your decisions, communications, reactions, and relationships. Once you are able to fully understand how you are reacting to your ego, and both inner and outer stimuli, you can start the process of navigating the world with an empowered point of view. Your efforts will be more effective once you understand your attitudes and ego strategy in real time.

What if I have follow up questions about my results? We offer follow-ups on the booking page. There is a required review period of 2 weeks for the client to acquaint themselves with their typing. You can view the booking page here.

Do you do face-to-face typing sessions? No. However, Rob offers coaching, tutoring, and Q&A sessions for anyone who is interested in learning more about the system or needs help applying AP to a specific area of life. You can get started booking your session here.

Do we accept new members on the team? At this time we are not looking for additions but as AP grows we will seek out new potentials.


Rob Collopy is the founder and owner of Attitudinal Psyche. He started his journey in typology over a decade ago creating unique testing and research instruments for Jungian systems that led to the current structure of AP. He has a deep interest in reverse engineering the human psyche to figure out what makes people tick which is integrated into the methodology he uses to type others. He is currently putting all of his energy into exacting the science of structuring native human attitudes. He specializes in pattern recognition, subjective aspects of language, and memory. You can find him on all official AP platforms or email him at

Phaeomolis “Phae” discovered personality typing by stumbling upon an MBTI test in 2011. From there, she became obsessed and has branched out to other systems, including socionics, enneagram, and of course Attitudinal Psyche starting in 2017. Her approach to typing is highly observational, synthesizing details across the population to find trends and outliers. In true 3L fashion, her primary focus and passion in typology is dispelling myths and uncovering missed details in the search for truth and meaning. Email her for business inquiries only at