The subtypes in Attitudinal Psyche are patterns of surface-level behaviors that give each attitude in one’s type a specific “flavor”. These flavors point to a deeper strategy that is often accompanied by one’s ego defense strategy, also known as the core enneagram type. The subtypes are formed by recognizing which dichotomies are high-contrast versus low-contrast. Any dichotomy that sticks out independently as high-contrast compared to the other two will take on a subtype that shares that dichotomy (example: 1X-3 has a high-contrast others-negative dichotomy). Accentuated has high levels of all 3 dichotomies within that attitude, while Obscured has low levels of all 3, so these two subtypes are opposite flavors of the same attitude. If you are interested in booking a session or would like to submit a typing video to be analyzed to figure out your subtype – please visit the typing services page here.