1X-1 “Accentuated” (High Contrast)

Depth Focused

The 1-1 subtype is the easiest to identify because it is supremely confident and protective over its own understanding of the aspect held within. This is also the most common subtype for the confident attitude and the only common accentuated subtype. This type believes that their greatest gift lies within their ability to come up with quick answers regarding the aspect and will refuse to mitigate its understanding to other parts of the personality. The tendency is for the 1-1 subtype to come up with precise monologues about their opinions. They can come off as rude, cruel, or snappy if one criticizes their confident aspect – but will not see themselves as being this way. Instead, they view their opinions as standalone and obvious, so the internal thoughts are, “Why would I need to explain, as what I said speaks for itself.” However, they are also aware of how they can be harmed and make sure they are constantly developing their skills within the aspect to avoid weakness.

1X-2 “Overlay”

Self Focused

The 1-2 subtype is the most openly fierce and fearless of the confident attitudes. They tend to overlay their confident aspect over top of their flexible aspect which creates a doubly strong energy that is quite visceral in nature – even if they have communicative aspects in those positions (Emotion & Logic). This subtype is attempting to hide all vulnerabilities by openly asserting what they believe. This is an extremely self-focused position due to the high levels of self-positive disposition. Although they can come off flexible at first glance, the closer you become to this subtype, the easier it is to see just how one-sided they perceive information within the aspect. For this reason, the 1-2 subtype can tend to look like a seesaw. They will go from intense sharing of information, to cutting off anyone who disagrees with it and moving on due to being so self-focused. This subtype is most concerned with protecting themselves and lessening the effect any vulnerabilities could have on them. They are highly aware of what could incapacitate them.

1X-3 “Candid”

Others Focused

The 1-3 subtype is the most raw about their own weaknesses and vulnerabilities with a strong focus on who or what is limiting them. They recognize how they could be destroyed by others and tend to openly reference and discuss it more than any of the other confident subtypes. They internalize and worry about what could stop them from bringing their best to a situation and do not mind sharing it with others. There is an inclination to dig at what the truth is regarding their own nature by blasting it from the rooftop. The 1-3 subtype needs to figure out how they could be harmed so they can protect their greatest gift within the first aspect. However, though they themselves are willing to share and be candid about what they are experiencing, this does not mean they want you to tell them what to do or how to live – and sometimes they would rather you not respond to them at all. They resist and downplay outside opinions as they believe their own candid nature is far superior to anyone else’s. The 1-3 subtype wants to perfect confidence by developing strategies to avoid the outside threats that could stop them.

1X-4 “Standby”

Method Focused

The 1-4 subtype is the most results oriented of the confident attitudes. This type is taking their vulnerability and “fixing” it by coming to the quickest result or answer that is possible for whatever situation they have found themselves in. They prefer to ignore specific people or relationships to others regarding the aspect and are intent on seeing results. They will put their gift of strength on a timer, and if it takes too much energy to deal with the issue at hand, then they will move on. The aggression and confidence felt within is highly understood by the person with this subtype and this is what differentiates it from the 4-1 subtype. This subtype can run people over without realizing it because they have lost the human relational element related to the aspect, no matter which it is. The 1-4 subtype does not hesitate to share their opinions when prompted, they just prefer to keep a low profile as they believe this is the best way to stay focused on results is to not concern themselves with what people around them feel or think.

1X-0 “Obscured” (Low Contrast)

Adaptation Focused

The 1-0 subtype is the most difficult to recognize out of the confident attitudes. This type is mostly ambivalent or neutral about their greatest gift in the first attitude. They may have trouble seeing their own patterns of reaction and believe that they truly do not care about the aspect held within. The 1-0 subtype rarely sees themselves as “merged” or “becoming” the aspect and therefore refuses to admit to any sort of selfishness that they may have concerning their confidences. This type can fall asleep to what they bring to the world and how they experience their own ego, so there is a lot of refusing to take ownership or blame over things that they have a hand in causing. However, this restraint can lead to situations where other people underestimate the power of those with this subtype, and in-turn, they feel shocked or surprised by the aggression that can come spilling out. This subtype is the most likely to mistype as another core AP type because they have an ego about not having an ego. The first aspect is mostly obscured.