Overview: Maneuvering through the dangers of the aspect. The energy is violent and happening to you or around you without your consent. “I cannot control the aspect naturally unless I pay extreme attention to it.”


Uncertain • Insufficient • Weak


Aggressive • Subjective • Vulnerable


Wordy • Expansive • Universal

The Insecure Position is characterized by a self-negative disposition towards the aspect held within. It comes off as uncertain, insufficient, and holding unassured/weaker beliefs.

The Insecure Position also has an others-negative disposition towards the aspect held within. It comes off as aggressive, subjective, and vulnerable.

When we combine the self-negative, and others-negative dispositions this position holds, we see that an orientation towards desiring to process comes into play. This process focus is what gives the third position a wordy, expansive, and universal feel to it. The Insecure Position wants to engage in the journeys they desire while processing the information surrounding it. They tend to be unsure, hesitant, and apprehensive towards the aspect, and feel intense vulnerability that they must protect. The problem with the third position is that they overestimate what can hurt them, so this creates a bit of a vigilant aura in which they can double down on, or completely ignore if it causes too much anxiety. The Insecure Position often needs help, and desires to be walked through the process with care and respect, or else they can react badly.


Shows uncertainty towards own self-conception, ideas, beliefs, and thoughts of the aspect. Tends to speak in broken, fractured and incomplete ideas about the aspect.


Believes that they cannot form an opinion, idea or thought about the aspect without revising, laboring, or reaching out to others regarding the aspect. Hesitates and distrusts their own reactions that the aspect provokes within them.


Believes that they do not have what it takes to deal with complex and complicated reactions and attitudes that they may have about the aspect. Requires immense effort to show strength or resiliency to others.


Shows a tendency towards doubting, angrily reacting, rejecting, being skeptical, overlooking, denying, and renouncing the opinions, beliefs and thoughts of others.


Shows a tendency towards recognizing the value of the aspect within their own preferences. Personal opinions, beliefs and thoughts of the aspect are often seen as more important than those of others.


Views forming opinions, thoughts and beliefs of the aspect as relevant to their own survival, safety, or identity/ego. Carefully traverses the aspect with defense and guarding the self as the top priorities.


Treats the aspect as an important topic, idea, or set of beliefs that must be dissected in depth in order to be understood properly. Takes time in finding answers to problems. Wants long, wordy, complex discussions to cover all nuances of the aspect.


Looks for constant expansion and relatability when dealing with all things within the aspect. Wants to invite outsiders to add in their perspective and information to keep the conversation growing.


Believes each “thing” is related to all other things within that aspect. Recognizes and focuses on the similarities between objects, opinions, beliefs, and ideas about the aspect. Wants to know the universal truths or ideas held within the aspect.

Click on the pictures below to view how each aspect looks in the Insecure Position – these are known as the Attitudes.