This sexta is focused on identifying the emotional value of their earthly lives through unrestricted expression. The types arrange their intellectual pursuits and goals according to what will make them happiest as a result of the limited time of their mortal existence. This problem drives them to refine personal standards of what will quickly satisfy physical and emotional needs. They may spend large portions of their time organizing and fantasizing about their desires and dreams. Types of this sexta are drawn to the mysterious aspects of life like mental illness, the paranormal, psychedelics or anything that pushes the extent of what is possible in the real world. Dramatic emotional displays are welcomed to these types because they are fascinated by both extreme positive and negative human experiences. Though their responses may be extreme, they feel stifled if they’re not able to freely express whatever bubbles to the surface.

Members of this sexta force themselves to come to terms with the hardship of survival that other people shun away from. This connection with the dark side of life leads to a strong desire to improve the self because they believe it results in a comfortable lifestyle. Free discussion of ideas is highly valued in this sexta as greater knowledge exposes the individual to better ways of applying their efforts in the world. Similarly, the types encourage others' aspirations as long as the goal improves their overall happiness. This sexta enjoys discussion of intellectual interests, life plans, science fiction, technology, and self-improvement. They may even revel in conspiracy theories or alternative viewpoints regardless of whether or not they believe in them. Overall, they focus on creating a comfortable and happy existence by creatively applying their knowledge and willpower.


Dios are focused on openly expressing the order of the world as they see it. They communicate goals and lifestyle habits in an effort to consolidate a holistic philosophy on how to achieve happiness. With limited time to understand existence and to find emotional fulfillment, they naturally clarify their opinion of how the world works as this will result in a positive emotional state. Dios gravitate towards the active aspects of life like sports, professional development, and anything that requires high energy. They discuss the demands of the ever changing present material world as it relates to their happiness. Making sense of the chaotic processes of survival, they continuously assess the risk factors in their environment that could threaten their well-being.

Dios refine the basic principles of achieving happiness more than any other sexta. Noticing trends and patterns in their living spaces lends them to freely giving advice in the physical arena. This sexta can describe the slight changes in eating habits, motivation, and aesthetics that give you a better life. They discuss physical needs as it relates to a correct way of taking care of oneself and producing the most pleasure. This sexta seeks an atmosphere that supports everyone's willpower as this confidence will lead to a greater ability to express emotional states. Diets, exercise routines, and lifestyles are validated as long as they are not deemed illogical. Dios appreciate talking about health, finances, entrepreneurial ventures, and beauty with strong opinions.


This sexta concentrates energy on fulfilling what is worth being passionate about by doing whatever it takes to achieve their goals. Trias freely communicate practical knowledge that will help them build the life of their dreams. High standards of fulfillment drive types of this sexta to express their emotions and directly state what they want. Trias do not want a comfortable life for the sake of it and see possessions as solving problems of productivity. Intellectual pursuits of this sexta usually relate to the advancement of work interests as there is little time to dwell on the application of knowledge. Members of this sexta see comfort as relative to their ultimate goal of pursuing whatever is deemed constructive, and they will encourage others to overcome intellectual and financial obstacles to their goals.

Trias are attracted to entrepreneurship, acting, marketing, or anything that promotes the self. Clearly stating how they feel and desire out of life, these types have a single-minded focus on their personal view of success. Discussion of health, investment, and education is highly valued by Trias. This sexta can harshly criticize what they see as failure and require a direction to purposelessness. Their determination can lead to an insensitivity of how people feel about their responsibilities as this sexta is prone to outbursts of anger when demands are not met. However, other members of this sexta will involve themselves heavily in their emotional world and neglect applying willpower until absolutely necessary. Trias, as a whole, fixate on achieving happiness with their goals by flexibly developing expertise and creating comfort.



This sexta uncovers truths that allow them to set stable personal goals. Tesseras adjust their cultural expressions to support their beliefs. Adherence to rules through consistent action drive types of this sexta to quickly conclude the truth and take on responsibility without question. Tesseras reject greed and only value belongings that help them achieve scientific and work goals. They do not take seriously the value of any one feeling, and this sexta prefers to understand the emotional nuances of others. Dramatic expressions are discouraged, as disturbed emotions limit one’s intellect and motivation. Tesseras value variety in style and the feelings it evokes, respecting the individual quirks of how everyone processes culture. Members of this sexta see aesthetics as relative to their personal aims, and will appear presentable to people that are important to their goals.

Tesseras are involved in law enforcement, corporate business, science, or anything that operates reliably. This sexta has an appreciation for environments that have clear rules and a merit-based path of progression. Influencing others to overcome their obstacles to enjoying health and physical comfort is natural to this sexta. Tesseras value discussion regarding tastes, deep desires, and health. Members of this sexta disapprove of indecision and believe people must act quickly on new information. The Tessera pressure to conclusively act can be perceived as overbearing to those who take time to compare their beliefs and responsibilities with others. Some members of this sexta are absorbed in the intellect and do not often form personal goals, while other members take charge of situations without reviewing the logical basis of doing so. Tesseras want their conclusions to be actionable by adjusting their mood and physical habits.


This sexta understands accomplishment through its physical rewards. Pentes explore their imaginations to achieve their goals in reality. They adjust their emotional expressions and logical musings to the preferences of others. Experiencing the human mental world as quite nuanced, this sexta avoids judging people about their opinions. This sexta believes that this open-mindedness  helps them to clarify personal goals, independent of the needs of others. Truth is seen as relative to Pentes, and they will update their physical habits according to new information. Matters of hunger, temperature, and physical position are best handled decisively. Pentes dislike strongly expressed emotions because this disturbs the moods of people, distracting them from work. The aesthetic preferences of Pentes is as stable as their identities, so they very gradually implement changes to style.

Pentes are involved in finance, the arts, politics, or any field allowing them to interact with the human imagination. This sexta thrives in environments with a clear path of advancement that comes with increasing material rewards. Members of this sexta encourage others to progress intellectually and process their feelings aloud. Pentes have lengthy conversations about knowledge, feelings, and opinions. Material incentives appeal to Pentes, and they will pursue them readily even at the loss of others. This sexta rejects impractical laziness, and believe people should not reap the rewards of an endeavor if they did not put in as much effort. The competitive nature of Pentes can be perceived as selfish to those who prefer to share the wealth from collective effort. Some members of this sexta constantly move towards personal goals while neglecting their bodies, while others  pursue comforts at the cost of forming ambitions. Pentes want their efforts to be profitable by adjusting their intellectual interests and passions.


This sexta settles their physical needs through a practical system. Exis explore how they feel about their identities in order to adapt to their organized lifestyles. The goals and emotions of others are considered by members of this sexta in their decision making. They see the complexity of human expression and honor the personalities of others. This sexta has firm views on their beliefs and aesthetics because they are informed by their exploration of identity. Exis take a long time to change their eating, sleeping, and cleanliness habits according to new ideas because they enjoy using a reliable system. Changing emotions are more likely to influence their lifestyles. Members of this sexta often refrain from instructing people about their priorities because they trust others to have their own way of accomplishing tasks. Matters of knowledge and correctness are best handled by the most expert individual.

Exis participate in wellness, mental health, laboratory science, or any field enhancing the potential of people. Environments allowing clear logistical structure and increasing material rewards appeal to this sexta. Inspiring others to express who they are comes naturally to them. Exis discuss for much time about their feelings regarding their identities. Their practical way of life focuses their attentions on upgrading possessions, even at the cost of the comfort of others. Members of this sexta reject misinformed uselessness, and trust that people struggle material comfort because they are not mentally capable to handle it. People can perceive Exis as stuck in their routines, especially if they prefer to share practical knowledge freely. Some Exis endlessly pursue knowledge at the expense of their physical well-being, while others focus on satisfying their bodily needs without considering the logical basis. This sexta enjoys a logical structure to maintaining physical needs by adapting their expressions of identity.