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The Specificity relation is marked by the shared confidence in the second aspect, and most of the communication exists on this level. However, the partner in Specificity is confident in what the other is insecure about and vice versa. This creates constant skepticism in the relationship that is consistently mitigated by the shared flexible aspects. Specificity is an intimidating relationship from afar because envy exists regarding the other partner since they seem to be proficient in the other’s insecure aspect.

When two partners in a Specificity relation become closer, they reveal the insecurity of the partner in one’s most confident aspect, which reveals the symmetry of this relation. This causes stress on subjective ponderings of each partner, which they must learn to communicate about through the shared second aspect. The pair eventually understand each other well after deeply discussing questions of each other’s priorities through the objective processes that they are so open about. This pair understands the right to be skeptical of each other’s actions while questioning the result of doing so.

Although the relation is highly energetic due to conflict, the symmetry of the aspects keeps the relationship from being too confusing. The spark between them can quickly lead to a positive or negative destination. They agree that the fourth aspect is best left to people who pay more attention to this realm as they believe there are better things to focus on. These types enjoy sharing all that they have listened to regarding their second and fourth aspects. This pairing can act as a gateway to incorporating a results orientation to the third aspect in one’s life, although the benefit is not communicated as strongly as in the Assistance pair.

Both types can eventually learn how to grow and become accepting of the mutual Argumentative Attitude Relation. Much like the Assistance relation mentioned previously, the Specificity pairing can mitigate all issues to this shared second aspect. When one partner is feeling suppressed, overlooked, and trampled on, they can mitigate this information to the realm of life in which the partner can understand it in an open and accepting way. This is what saves this pairing from being completely undesirable and incompatible. There are still great hurdles in getting to this place, which is why it is one of the more troubling relations, but not all hope is lost.

If both partners in this relation are never drawn into speaking to one another due to how they go about communicating subjective information, they will likely remain at odds and in separate spheres of life. The duals of our Specificity partner are our Radiant pairs, so one way to better communicate with the Specificity pair is to understand what our Radiant pair provides to that person and try to emulate it. The more we can manage how we traverse their sore third aspect, the better. The best part of this relation is that time is on your side. The more time passes, and you can work with them, the better. The issue is getting in proximity to one another to begin with.